ACFP Board

The Board is a governing Board under the ACFP’s Bylaws. The responsibilities of our Board include ensuring that:

  • the association is properly managed
  • its property and assets are suitably cared for
  • high quality services are provided to all its members

The ACFP President is also the Board Chair, and is the official spokesperson on issues that arise during and between Board meetings.

ACFP Board

Dr. Vishal Bhella, Calgary

Past President
Dr. John Chmelicek, Edmonton

Dr. Clark Svrcek, Calgary

Dr. Sudha Koppula, Edmonton

Director at Large
Dr. Noel DaCunha, Westlock

Director at Large
Dr. Sonya Lee, Calgary

Director at Large
Dr. Anila Ramaliu, Calgary

Director at Large
Dr. Randall Sargent, Canmore

ACFP Executive Director
Terri Potter, Edmonton

ACFP Student and Family Medicine Representatives

The ACFP is committed to build upon its strong relationships with the family medicine resident and medical student communities. The ACFP will continue its ties with its academic appointments through the respective family medicine interest groups and family medicine resident association appointments at the universities, and will work with the following liaisons to continue to promote the ACFP and family medicine as a specialty of choice.

Family Medicine Residents

University of Alberta
Dr. Derek Chan (R2)
Dr. Nathan Turner (R1)

University of Calgary
Dr. Manraj Chahal (R2)
Dr. Kanwar Pannu (R1)

Medical Students

University of Alberta
Ms. Caitlin Finley, Edmonton

University of Calgary
Mr. Hasan Abdullah, Calgary