Governance Advisory Committee

The ACFP Governance Advisory Committee ensures that the Board fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through the management of the ACFP bylaws; management of governance policies; oversight of the succession of the Board of Directors and Committees of the Board; and education and evaluation of the Board and its members. The Governance Advisory committee must have at least two Board of Directors, where the Chair must be a past President or Past Board member or a designate from the Board.

Overall Responsibilities

The Governance Advisory Committee will ensure that the Board of Directors is able to govern itself and the organization effectively through:

  1. Creation and review of governing documents including ACFP Bylaws and subsequent policies including Strategic Direction, Delegation of Authority, Risk Limits and Governance Policies.
  2. Implementation of fair and transparent succession and recruitment process for Board and Committees of the ACFP.
  3. Education and evaluation of the effectiveness of the Board as a whole and its members.

Governance Advisory Committee

Dr. Anila Ramaliu (Chair), Calgary
Dr. Vishal Bhella (Board Representative), Calgary
Dr. Sudha Koppula (Board Representative), Edmonton
Dr. John Chmelicek (Member-at-Large), Edmonton
Dr. Rowland Nichol, (Member-at-Large), Calgary
Dr. Ann Vaidya (Member-at-Large), Calgary