Clinic Spotlight

Milk River Medical Clinic Rocks!


We salute Dr. Elisabeth Lewke-Bogle for her 35 years of commitment to the Milk River community.

Dr. Lewke-Bogle is actively recruiting two hopefully three doctors so she can someday retire. Dr. Bester is in clinic in Milk River 5 days a month. We are the first in Alberta to have a Physician Assistant; Mark Simons joined our staff in September.

We are a general practice clinic; our doctors are on call to cover emergency and the long term care. We receive help from the Rural Locum program for evening and weekend coverage. Our health care teams aim is to improve access and provide continuing care.

We are members in Chinook Primary Care and encourage our patients, with help from their health care team, to actively manage their own health.

The Pincher Creek Associate Medical Clinic Rocks!


We are a family based, general practice clinic.
We specialize in rural, culturally appropriate medical care.
We encourage patients to establish a long-term relationship with one of our 11 physicians.

Our Vision:

We strive to provide excellence in primary care for our community and to enable patients to be partners in the management of their health care.

Excellence in health care needs includes:

  • Improved access. This ensures that patients see a health care provider when they need to.
  • Continuity in care. We ensure patients see their own health care provider and team.
  • Patients partnering in chronic disease management and primary care intervention. By working as a team with the patient as an integral member, patients can take ownership of their own health and health care delivery.
  • Improvement in efficiency. By working in an efficient environment, better health care can be provided by increasing access and by optimizing the time spent with the health care team.
  • Partnership with the community. By working with the community we practice in, we will provide for the community’s needs and gain a better understanding of our patients.

Our Mission:

To provide quality, innovative and comprehensive care to our patients when and where they need it