Patient Stories

A family doctor-patient relationship is often times one of the most trusted in health care. Take a look at what patients are saying about why their family docs rock.

Because He Listens and Understands

My family doctor rocks because he took great care of me while I was pregnant. I gave birth to an awesome baby girl. I had a few complications and he was on top of it. Dr. Andrew Ah-Seng knows how to listen and understand his patients needs.

Mandy Knight, Edmonton

A Game Changer and one of the Best Teammates!

I cannot articulate how great my family doctor, Dr. Brad Martin of Grande Prairie, AB, is. Notwithstanding his excellent bedside manner and sincere care that he gives my family and myself, it has been my most recent interactions with him that come to mind.

During a rather routine visit Dr. Brad Martin noted that I had reached the age of 40. That led to some routine tests, which ultimately led to a discussion of my longevity outlook. He showed me statistics and graphs to help me visualize it. He advised me on smoking cessation options, no pressure – just guidance, and after allowing me time to reflect we got that ball rolling.

Today I am smoke free and my longevity looks much better. My wife, who I thought would be a smoker for life, soon followed suit. Our lives are so much better thanks to Dr. Brad Martin. He has been a game changer for my wife, myself, and my child.

I don’t really know how to properly word my gratitude to the man but thank you Dr. Brad Martin.


Warren Samson
Grande Prairie, AB

Grateful to My Team

Well I have two doctors that work together in a pod, they are Dr. Brian Cornelson and Dr. Pirbhai. They are both kind, compassionate, and they listen to what I have to say. They help me with my problems both physical and emotional they don’t just sit there like they have to because it’s their job they sit there because they want to be there because they care about being there and because they care about their patients.

Both doctors have been extremely kind to me and have saved my life on more than one occasion. I don’t know what I would do without them. They should both be working as trainers for every doctor in the city of Calgary to learn what it’s like to have bedside manner in the office and how to really truly care about people. They are the best! They should both win Doctor of the Year awards if there are any.

Sophie Horan, Calgary

Trusted Hands That Truly Care

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Gaas for five years. When my father-in-law moved in with us after having a stroke, Dr. Gaas agreed to take him on as a patient, even though his panel was full. This was a great relief to us, as we wanted someone we knew and trusted to take care of him.

Dr. Gaas is always thorough, always remembers what’s going on with us, and inquires about how things are going, and never makes us feel rushed. He truly cares about his patients, and we appreciate him immensely.

The Dick Family, Edmonton

Patient, Kind, and Fabulous!

Our family doctor is Dr. Kathy Johns. I have been a patient of hers since 2006 and as my family grew, my husband and three children also joined her practice. We live in Airdrie but I still drive down to Market Mall to see her because she has been so fabulous. She is kind and takes the time to explain and talk through my questions and concerns. She is always supportive and has walked with me through some more difficult times health wise. She is gentle with my kids. It says a lot to me when I’m willing to bundle up three kids under five to drive a half hour to see my doctor.

Thank you, Dr. Johns!

Kate, Calgary

Eternally Grateful!

Just wanted to send a shout out about our family doctor. I totally lucked out when I got our family on Dr. Newnham’s new patient list when he moved to Summit Clinic. He has a down to earth approach and never fails to follow through on care, be it with ordering more tests, referrals to specialists, or just following up with us about test results and next steps. When my husband’s release from the military was imminent, Dr. Newnham agreed to take him and his chronic conditions on—sight unseen, and, for that, I am eternally grateful.

St. Albert

Hats Off to Medicine Hat’s Finest!

Our family physician, Dr. Mastel, is the best physician we could possibly have. He is attentive, caring, and great with us and our children. Dr. Mastel gives us the time we need to share our concerns and is extremely knowledgeable. The 7 of us are truly blessed to have him on our side. Not only does he take care of us, he also takes care of my parents and 4 siblings with the same care and attention. Thank you Dr. Mastel, we appreciate you.

Kristin & Justin Hoffman, Medicine Hat

The BEST doctor ever!

My Doctor is Dr. Derek Borowka, and he’s the BEST doctor I’ve ever had. He’s been mine and my two son’s Doctor for a little over 20 years. Dr. Borowka is very caring, honest, and up front about everything. He also has an awesome sense of humour:)

He deeply cares about his patients and does his best to help them. I remember back in 1998 I became very depressed due to a very unhealthy relationship I was in. I ended up losing my appetite and lost a lot of weight. I went down to 84 pounds :(. Dr. Borowka was very understanding to my situation and my fears. He got me the help I needed right away and monitored me closely during that time. He has always been there to listen and never judge. Some days when I have an appointment with him and I’m feeling stressed about certain things he always reminds me of how I’ve come a long way in my life. I’ve never told him how much that helps to hear that and keep me going in life. Dr. Borowka is the only Doctor that I trust. He has taken good care of myself and my sons, and I wouldn’t ever want to replace him.

I am very Thankful to have a wonderful Doctor who actually cares about his patients. So yes, my Doctor Rocks 😊

Thank you, Dr. Borowka for always taking care of me and my family.


Caring, Sincere, and Funny!

My family Doctor is Dr. David Ryan in St. Albert. Alberta. Dr. Ryan is the most sincere, caring, and committed doctor I have had in my 54 years of life. He may run late at times. Lol! But I know it’s because he takes the time needed with his patients. We aren’t left unlistened to and rushed during our visit to see him. I have had foster kiddos in my home. Teenagers that have many challenges. He wins them over with his sincere caring heart and patience. I have a disease that takes a lot of my positive attitude away. When I see Dr. Ryan, he renews my confidence in myself and my journey. I am so grateful for that fact that he chose to come to Canada to become our family Doctor.

Thanks Dr. Ryan for all you do.

Big hugs,
Shelly Ryerson and family, St. Albert

Because We Trust Him and He Trusts Us!

My family doctor, Dr. Darroch Aylward in Grande Prairie, is amazing. I really appreciate how good and accommodating, he and, his receptionist, Cindy are with my children. My daughter was prone to ear infections and I often got same day appointments when I called just so she would not have to suffer overnight or need to go to an after-hours care centre. He has also been incredible with my son who is not the most cooperative for getting examined.

He errs on the side of caution and I love that he has the mindset that I know my kids so when I feel something is off with them, he takes me seriously. I never feel judged for going to see him. My daughter loves going to Dr. Aylward and I don’t know of many children that get excited to go see the doctor. The suckers he gives her may be a bit of an incentive but she also loves just talking to him and Cindy and that they treat her like an equal and not just a three year old child.

We are very thankful and feel lucky to have a doctor like Dr. Aylward as our family doctor.

Thank you for giving us the chance to give recognition to him.
Megan Bulford, Grande Prairie

Million Reasons Why She Rocks!

There isn’t just one reason why Dr. Phillpot is an amazing family doctor, there’s millions of tiny little things she does that makes a difference. Most importantly she listens, she cares, she’s genuine, she’s helpful, she’s kind, she’s knowledgeable, and she gives you the time you need.

I moved to Canada 8 years ago and had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Phillpot during one of my OB/GYN appointments, then I was asked which doctor I wanted to be my family doctor, I chose her. She has helped every single member of my family with a variety of issues, our lives have been enriched because of her care and attention.

Thank you, Dr. Phillpot for being you!

The Whyte Family
Jeff, Alison, & Dain, Red Deer

Compassionate and Caring and Goes Above and Beyond!

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge our family doctor, Dr. Erin Thompson at Piper Creek Medical in Red Deer. She is seriously the most compassionate and caring family doctor I have ever had. She goes above and beyond for her patients—calling you with medical results after hours, truly listening to you at medical appointment, and never making you feel rushed; and she refers you to other doctors when necessary. I always feel like I’m in super capable hands with her and am so thankful that she is our family doctor.

Nikki Kowalski, Red Deer

Patient-centred Care in Practice

Our family doctor Dr. Abdalla is a wonderful person. She is knowledgeable about medications (that I would expect from a pharmacist), mental health, and family dynamics. She is factual and straight to the point which is something I love about her. Patient centred care means the patient having the knowledge to make informed decisions about our health and she facilitates this wonderfully. Our family of 6 is incredibly lucky to have found her and we are grateful for her commitment to our health.

Alicea Simpson Kovalchuk, Calgary

Comprehensive, Compassionate, Caring

My family doctor is Izak Classen in Calgary. He is part of the primary family care centres. I have had him as a doctor since I was about 13. He is still trying to help me deal with pain until I can get a knee replacement. He makes the visit comfortable and gets to know you as a patient. He has been there for both pregnancies. He is great with kids. I feel like I can tell him anything which is great because I have dealt with depression.

There is so much good that I can say about him. Being a female and having a doctor I am comfortable discussing anything with has been a huge help to my health.

Randi Brown, Calgary

Can’t Give Her Up!

My family doctor is Dr. Janice May at the Allin Clinic in Edmonton and I live about 3 hours away in Airdrie. She is so awesome that even though I’ve moved far away, I’m not prepared to give her up! She is kind, truly cares about her patients, and has a great sense of humor. I know that at my appointments I can ask her ANYTHING and not be embarrassed. I truly appreciate what an amazing person and doctor she is!

Stacy Stutchbury, Edmonton

Grateful for Dr. Choi!

I am very grateful for having Dr. Choi from the MCI The Doctor’s Office in Beddington Town Centre, Calgary, as my Doctor! She’s the most caring family physician I have met in my life. Dr. Choi always makes time to listen and makes sure I don’t have any pending questions or concerns about my care plan before the appointment is over. She is very knowledgeable and competent doctor, but what I love her the most is her genuine kindness and passion in taking care of her patients.

Thank you for being there during the difficult times. Happy Family Doctor Day!
Annabelle, Calgary

You Rock, Dr. Fields!

My family and I have seen Dr. David Fields at the Allin Clinic for over 10 years now. He is truly one of the best doctors I have ever had. He takes the time to listen to all of your concerns, and also inquires if you have any other concerns on your mind. He is very friendly, personable, approachable, and always eager to help. Even if the appointment is half an hour late sometimes, it is because he is very thorough with his patients, and he also has students with him most of the time, which I really admire.

In addition, I live in the west end, so it is almost a half an hour drive to the clinic, but it is always worth the drive and time to see him. I still remember shadowing him a few times at the clinic when I was trying to figure out my career path too, and it was very educational and insightful. I’ve seen numerous reviews that give Dr. Fields a 5/5 on Google, and I definitely agree. There needs to be more doctors like him, who put their patients as their top priority!!

We are all so lucky to have him. You rock, Dr. Fields! 🙂

Melissa Woo, Edmonton

Alberta’s Best

My family doctor, Dr. Tuhin Kumar Bakshi (Associate Clinic in Wetaskiwin) is the best! My internal specialist, Dr. Gordon Bailey, from the Bailey Clinic in Red Deer will likely save my life. I heart emoticon<3 them both for keeping me and my family healthy and strong! Thank you Alberta College of Family Physicians for recognizing the amazing people our Alberta doctors are!

We have the BEST in the entire world. We are truly blessed here in Alberta, Canada.

So Grateful

Dr. Johannes van Heerde is the reason my husband is alive. Because of him a renal cell carcinoma was detected and removed before it could put my husband’s life at risk. He is kind and compassionate and works tirelessly for his patients. He’s saved my life too. I’m so grateful for all that he does and hope he works for a long time to come!!
Sharon Bohme, Fort McMurray

Thank You for Taking Care of Us for All These Years!

I have had the best doctor for the past 20 years named Dr.Paul Seto. He is kind and caring and gives 100 percent to his patients. When I am or my children is sick, he takes us in right away. He takes his time to assess and ask questions and is never in a hurry to get you out of the office. He always wants to make sure your well being is looked after. Dr. Seto will be retiring in December and I know my family will surely miss him.

He Saved My Life

My family doctor rocks because he saved my life. Not in the conventional way medicine would, by performing a lifesaving operation or CPR, but rather by doing nothing. He sat with me, listened to me every week until I stopped wanting to kill myself. He provided me a space to go to when I felt like jumping off a bridge. He had given special instructions to his staff to allow me to talk, although I did not have an appointment, if I was overwhelmed or had a panic-attack. He could have filled me with drugs but instead he showed me doctors cared, that medicine was still about the human spirit and that a broken spirit, with the listening ear of a doctor who had empathy, led to health. This old-fashioned skill is lifesaving. I will be forever grateful to him.


Not only my doctor but a friend, too!

I would like to commend and recommend my family doctor (Dr. Dean Brent Cave). He is a wonderful, humorous, and knowledgeable doctor. I have known him for over 30 years and I have fond memories of him being my childhood doctor. A few years ago, we reconnected and he has helped me so much!! I am currently going to be having bariatric surgery in two weeks and Dr. Cave has been very supportive and encouraging.

He is really cares about all his patients and I know many people whom he has helped! He is very deserving of recognition as one of Alberta’s great family physicians. I consider him a friend as well as being my doctor. I have met many doctors and Dr. Cave is by far my favourite!

He deserves honor and recognition for his many years of service here in Edmonton as well as Hinton, Alberta!!

Please send him a family docs rock t-shirt!

Thank-you for your time and have an awesome day!!

James Thesen, Beaumont


A Family Affair – From 3 months to 93 years of age

My family doc rocks because he is the doctor for everyone in my family, from my 93 year old grandmother to my 3 month old and everyone in between. Dr. Odufuwa visits my grandmother in her care centre and asks about her when we are in the office. He genuinely cares about us as individuals and as a family. Even if it is months between our appointments he always remembers little details about our lives and asks about them.

He never rushes anyone and he is an excellent listener. He is a very knowledgeable and competent doctor, but what we love most about him is his genuine friendliness and caring compassion towards us as patients.

I am proud to tell everyone “my family doctor rocks”!

Amanda Unsworth, Grande Prairie

Our Health is in the Best of Hands

Our doctor at the Wetaskiwin Family Medical Practice, began his journey with our family as a result of an emergency visit for my husband. He took my ‘hard-to-convince-he-needs-medical-attention’ and ‘has-never-had-a-doctor-before’ husband on as a patient and soon after became my family physician too. He was the first (and only to date) doctor for our daughter who was born in Wetaskiwin. And now, he is also our son’s very first physician.

Our 2 year old loves to say his name and actually gets excited to go for appointments with him. We always feel that our health is in the best of hands with him. He is truly a blessing for our family and we are so very thankful to have such a wonderful doctor in our community.

Thanks for all you do for us ! You rock as our family’s doc!

The Gibson Family, Wetaskiwin

The Best Doctor for Our Family!

Our family doctor is Dr. Michael Quinlan in Canmore, he is the best doctor for our family because he takes all the time we need with him at every visit. He answers every question and has taken good care of us for the last 7 years. He definitely ROCKS. We like to say a BIG Thank you to him and all his staff at his well-run Clinic.


Amazing, Straight-forward, and Caring

Let me tell you about my family doctor. He is just amazing. He has a straight-forward and caring manner about him. I instantly respected and trusted him from the time I first started to go see him. And…people who know me know I don’t go to the doctor very easily. I’d rather suffer along.

Dr. Jim Adams is always there for us and my family in many, many ways that go beyond being a doctor. He has taken an interest in my children that has gone right through to their adult lives. He is a mentor to my son, a person who inspires others to be all they can be and yet accepts people for where they are right now in a very nonjudgmental loving way.

He gives of his time, energy, and intelligence to anyway. He doesn’t care about making money—he is led by the God that he worships with his whole heart. Who would not want to have him as your doctor?

I feel privileged to have found him, and to be cared for by him. I know he loves my husband, and watches out for him, he loves my two sons, and daughter, and on and on it goes. He loves people.

Thank you Jim for all you do—you know, I am forever grateful for who you are and I love you.

Sherwood Park

Rural and Remote Care at Its Best

Living in northern Alberta (Peace River) poses some interesting facts, we live far away from major health care centres which poses issues all on its own. But having a family physician who understands this and takes extra training to help in crisis situations is crucial and vital.

Our family physicians go above and beyond to help not only our family out but the community!! Thank you to Drs. Nicholas and Nadine Potvin for being there when we need you.

Having children of their own makes chatting about kid-related issues easy and comforting. Whenever there is time to have a quick visit in the hallways, the smiles, and conversation leave me with a smile and usually a laugh or two.
And let’s face it laughter is always the best medicine!!

Thanks for being there!!

Peace River

Not Only a Family Physician, But a Mentor, Too!

Dr. Grimbeek of Red Deer, Alberta is not only the most knowledgeable physician that I have had the opportunity of meeting, but I am very thankful that he is my family physician, as well.

He is by far the most caring and proactive physician that I have met in Canada and is very responsible for me in deciding to pursue a career in family medicine. 

I am a University of Alberta Class of 2017 medical student, and thanks to Dr. Grimbeek’s extremely approachable nature, I have decided to pursue family medicine after graduating.

MN, Red Deer

Lucky to Have Her

I consider myself to be very lucky to have Dr. Currie from West Grove Clinic in Spruce Grove as my Doctor! She is always happy and upbeat! Dr. Currie is very knowledgeable, precise, and takes her job seriously. She makes being at the doctor’s office a comfortable experience! Dr. Currie always makes time to listen and makes sure there is no other question before the appointment is over!

My family doc ROCKS!

From Gunn, AB

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