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Annual Meeting of Members Highlights

The ACFP Annual Meeting of Members held on Saturday, March 3rd at the Annual Scientific Assembly was a great success this year. With 128 registered members in attendance at the meeting, the Board of Directors were pleased with the turn out and the level of participation. Members were able to review and respond to the annual audit and the budget plan, and to vote on the membership fee. Members voted in current Director, Dr. Vishal Bhella, as the President-Elect and one new member-at-large on the ACFP Board of Directors, Dr. Anila Ramaliu from Calgary. Dr. Ramaliu brings a set of skills and perspectives that the Board will find very valuable in the coming years.

The President from the CFPC, Dr. Guillaume Charbonneau, and the CEO, Dr. Francine Lemire brought greetings and spoke of the leadership that ACFP shows in the National primary care movement.

Interested in a Committee?

The ACFP is always looking for committed volunteers wanting to make a change and participate College programs, services, and governance. Formal invitations for committee members go out once a year.

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