Year in Review

Message from the Board of Directors

Looking back on 2017, we invested in advocacy, leadership, and education while supporting you and your teams in the delivery of care for your patients.

The health care system continues to evolve and focus more on care in the community, transitions in care, and chronic disease management. As it does, we must remain active and engaged both as an organization and as individual practitioners in how our new reality is created—and it will be different.

Family physicians are well prepared to fulfill many roles within the health care system and our profession is trained, supported, and equipped for the provision of:

Comprehensive, continuing, and patient-centred health care: We are involved in care across the health care spectrum including community-based and primary care, home and long-term care, emergency and hospital care, and maternal and newborn care.

Leadership: We provide leadership at the practice, community, and systems level for the delivery of care that is accessible, comprehensive, continuity-based, patient-centred, and responsive to local conditions with engagement of community partners.

Advocacy: We advocate for access to comprehensive care, reaching out to engage with those experiencing barriers and hardship.

Scholarship, teaching, quality improvement (QI), and research: We are committed to excellence as reflected in practice-based quality improvement activities, an evidence-informed approach to care, and as teachers of family medicine. Family physicians advance the knowledge of the discipline through a continuum of research activities.

Family physicians work in many different settings and under different arrangements. We bring a unique orientation and skill set, strengthening the compassion, comprehensiveness, cohesion, capacity, and overall quality of the health care system. Through relationship-based and patient-centred care, our generalist orientation to care, and community-adaptive expertise, we provide continuity and cohesion, including coordination for transitions of care, creating a vast knowledge base that improves health, wellness, and the quality of life for our patients and their families.

It is an honour to serve an organization that believes so strongly in professionalism, continuing professional development, patient-centred and integrated care, applied leadership, and being responsive to the needs of ACFP members.

We look forward to another momentous year of progress and potential! Contact Terri Potter, Executive Director, anytime if you have questions, input, or feedback.

In your service,

Board of Directors
Alberta College of Family Physicians

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