Family Physician Leadershipleadership-roles

Alberta’s health care landscape is evolving, and there are many changes being made right now that affect all of primary care; from system-level decisions to clinical initiatives, and everything in between. Now more than ever, it is important to ensure that these changes are being made with input from primary care physicians.

Taking on a leadership role may seem daunting, but there are opportunities for physicians no matter where they are on their leadership journey. From Strategic Clinical Network Core Committees and Working groups, to specific clinical initiatives, to event planning committees, the opportunities are as varied as our physicians.

Take a look at our LeadFM Page for more information.

Leadership Resources Available to Physicians

There are a lot of leadership resources out there, so we’ve tried to gather a few of the more relevant resources all in one place:

Our Tools for Practice page has one-page articles centered around specific clinical questions and the evidence to answer them.

The Physician Leaders’ Network is a partnership between the Alberta Medical Association, Alberta College of Family Physicians, and Alberta Health services, designed by physicians for physicians. Here you will find leadership resources and webinars to help you in your leadership journey

Leadership Bytes is an article series that uses the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework to contextualize leadership questions in short, easy-to-digest articles.

fp-protocolIn response to balance the demand for primary care involvement in many health care initiatives or projects on policy development, system reform, and patient care, was developed. facilitates the need and demand to collaborate with Alberta family physicians by accepting requests for a primary care involvement and matching physicians from the Family Physician Leader Registry.

The site is the one-stop shop for leadership opportunities – linking interested family physician leaders with the opportunities that best suit their leadership journey. By going to the website and clicking on the “I am a Family Physician” link, you can put your information into our leadership registry – and all it takes is 10 minutes of your time!

Building Capacity for Family Physician Leadership

The Leadership Program endeavours to create continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities in the area of LEADS_Collaborative_Colour_250pxleadership. The ACFP will help lead the effort with its partners to coordinate the leadership development program. Potential partner organizations have discussed that a foundational common framework would allow better integration and design of programs.

The LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework would be appropriate and is an accessible framework designed with Canada’s health care systems in mind. Many of Alberta’s existing programs have used this framework already. The ACFP has signed a license agreement with the Canadian College of Health Leaders, and is the first member organization to be granted a license agreement.

There are now 15 physician and system leaders in Alberta trained in the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework and ready to distribute leadership modules throughout the province at conferences and other events. Watch out for more information soon!

The Primary Care Alliance

In order to affect broader system transformation, the ACFP is a founding member of the Primary Care Alliance (PCA). The PCA brings together the experience and expertise of physician partners who are involved in the advancement and improvement of primary care provided to patients, families and communities in Alberta.  Members of the PCA bring together multiple perspectives, resources and mandates to facilitate ways to collectively address and improve primary health care, province-wide and to advocate and support their constituents in that improvement.

Building on existing member organization strategic directions, the Alliance’s goal is to foster a coordinated and aligned approach to meet the needs of patients, caregivers, families, primary care teams, PCNs and the healthcare system today and into the future.

The following charter is the “compass” for the Primary Care Alliance, it provides:

  • clarity of purpose,
  • the description of how the physician partners will work together,
  • direction on the roles and responsibilities of the members, and
  • a means to ensure continuity and effectiveness of the PCA into the future.