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As one of the most effective communication channels to Alberta family physicians, the ACFP receives many requests from third-party organizations looking for ways to connect with family doctors and share relevant and important information.

Postings on this page have been vetted by the ACFP and deemed to be of interest or relevance to our members and physicians practising family medicine in Alberta.  It is by no means an endorsement by the ACFP but an acknowledgement that the inclusion of the posting on ACFP’s online bulletin board is reasonable.

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Family Physician Needed

Elite Sports Medicine is a new, dynamic multi-disciplinary Sports Medicine clinic in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. We are seeking a full-time Family Physician to help with our growing practice. ESM provides 1 Primary Care Sports Medicine physicians, 2 Physiotherapists, 1 Chiropractor, and 2 Massage Therapists. We also have a small, loyal Family Practice patient panel. Our clinic is a member of the Chinook Primary Care Network.

Interested Family Physicians will have the opportunity to share Family practice patients, see simple Sports medicine patients in follow up, and shape their own Family practice patient panel. There is also an opportunity to learn firsthand more injection therapies and U/S guided injections to enhance their own MSK skill set. Interested Family physicians have the option to assist with Sports Medicine event coverage including: WHL Lethbridge Hurricanes, high school football and rugby, Lost Soul ultramarathon, etc.

CFPC’s Self Learning Program

The Self Learning™ Program is a state-of-the-art learning tool developed by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) as part of its continuing professional development offerings. The Self Learning program provides access to leading-edge information curated from more than 100 peer-reviewed medical journals worldwide.

Each issue contains multiple choice and true/false questions, and short answer management problems (SAMPs) that explore clinical scenarios in greater depth. Each question is followed by an educational point that provides a summary of the cited article.The Self Learning program is created by family physicians for family physicians.

All questions are produced by Canadian family physicians and reviewed by the CFPC Self Learning Committee. – See more at:
CFPC’s Self Learning Program

Improving Access to Specialist Nephrology Care Among Rural/Remote Residents of Alberta

Chronic Kidney Disease is common in rural/remote Alberta, with the majority of cases not requiring a formal referral. Alberta Health’s improvement is a pilot project focused on augmenting the eReferral architecture within the Netcare Electronic Health Record, enabling primary care providers to request clinical advice from nephrologists. Within this system existing patient demographics, care history, diagnostics and lab test results can be easily included with the advice request. Requests will be initiated in accordance with any one of the seven established reasons for referral1, and will be billed by both specialist and primary care physician using existing fee codes.

To address the needs of the population and support primary care, this unique communications pathway will advance the continuity of patient care in the community and confer educational benefits to primary care providers. Desired outcomes include the avoidance of unnecessary face-to-face specialist appointments; better clinical support for patients while they are waiting for a nephrology consult; and timely responses within 5 business days for prompt decision making in primary care.

Lickin’ Lipids: Fighting Cholesterol With Statins will Prevent Vascular vrrscnDisease

Cholesterol levels are directly linked to the development of atherosclerosis which, when reduced, is directly linked to the reduction of cardiovascular disease events (2016 Canadian Cardiovascular Society Dyslipidemia Guidelines). Findings, published in The Lancet, show that statin therapy can prevent such cardiovascular events by 25% with every 1 millimole per liter reduction in LDL cholesterol.


Optimized Prescribing With Seniors (OPS)

OPS is presented by the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) and College of Physician ans Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA). The bimonthly online resource for Alberta physicians focuses on aging patients and complexities in prescribing. OPS welcomes reader feedback on each article as it is posted, as well as suggestions for the publication overall or ideas for future articles. These can be emailed to

AlbertaQuits Learning SeriesAQ_logo

Alberta Health Services’s Tobacco Reduction Program has launched the AlbertaQuits Learning Series”  that states “What do you want to learn?

Every year, more than 3,000 Albertans die as a result of tobacco use, while many more suffer from tobacco-related illnesses. The good news is that this can be prevented, and health professionals everywhere can help.
To help provide health professionals with the awareness, knowledge and skill set they need to assess and implement tobacco intervention effectively, Alberta Health Services’s Tobacco Reduction Program has launched the AlbertaQuits Learning Series.

The Learning Series includes self-study, online and face-to-face units that will allow health professionals to offer tobacco intervention effectively in nearly every health care setting.

For more information, please visit

Radon – Accredited e-Learning

The Ontario Chapter, together with Health Canada, the e-learning division of McMaster University and the Clean Air Partnership, has developed a short online course to help support family doctors better understand the health effects of radon, which is linked to the lung cancer deaths of 3,200 Canadians every year. The course is Radon: Is it in your patients’ homes?

  • It’s easy to sign up.
  • It takes only about an hour and can be done all at once or in multiple sessions.
  • It’s is accredited for Continuing Medical Education credit by CFPC (1.0 Mainpro-M1 credit)
  • It’s free.
  • It’s available in English and French.

Health Canada is most willing to help support radon online learning promotional efforts by:

  • conducting webinars
  • facilitating presentations
  • conducting follow up telephone or email correspondences

The course is available here in English: and here, in French,

Patient Engagement Resource Hub

What is the Patient Engagement Resource Hub?
The Patient Engagement Resource Hub is an online collection of tools for engaging and partnering with patientsCFHI_PE and families to improve health and healthcare. The Hub is a one-of-a-kind resource developed by CFHI containing over 100 Canadian and international open-access and freely available resources and tools – and it continues to grow. Resources include engagement frameworks, toolkits to help you implement a variety of engagement methods, guides to evaluation techniques, and patient surveys.

Who should use the app?
Individuals and organizations looking for new ideas, tips, and resources to guide their next steps in partnering with patients and families right from their mobile devices.

Where do I access the app?
The app is available free from Google Play, Windows stores and Apple App Store. Search “CFHI Hub” in your mobile app store and download the app today!

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

The Environmental Health Association of Alberta has compiled documents to help family physicians diagnoseEHAA “Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)”
and to help ensure patients have safe access to medical appointments, diagnostic services, and hospital care. Some of the links provided will assist patients in obtaining workplace accommodations.
We welcome you to visit our landing page at Comments or feedback may be left at
These documents have been compiled from a number of organizations including:

  • Alberta Health Services
  • United Nurses of Alberta
  • Ontario College of Family Physicians (used with permission) University of Toronto Canadian Centre for
  • Occupational Health and Safety Canadian Human Rights Commission Environmental Health Association of
  • Nova Scotia Halifax Community Health Board and Chebucto West Community Health Board

Family Medicine Revolution: The Evolution Blog SeriesFMRev

The Family Medicine Revolution (#FMRevolution), and its blog series “FMRevolution: The Evolution,” is a growing virtual community of family docs, residents and medical students from around the world who leverage social media to share family-medicine-positive stories.

The Family Medicine Revolution was inspired by resident physician members who were sufficiently annoyed by people telling them, “You’re too smart to go into family medicine.” The Family Medicine Revolution or FMRevolution was started by Jay W. Lee, MD who is a member and current President for the California Academy of Family Physicians. CAFP and its members wanted to boost and promote the specialty of family medicine and engage physicians to share their stores and the official FMRevolution website was born. Fast-forward to today, the Family Medicine Revolution is a growing virtual community of family docs, residents and medical students from around the world who leverage social media to share family-medicine-positive stories.