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Welcome to the ACFP’s First Five Years in Family Practice

As new CFPC certificants, we value your membership and participation in advancing family practice excellence in Alberta.

The ACFP is proud to support members in their first five years of family practice through various College initiatives including discounted registration fees to ACFP’s events and recognition through the ACFP Outstanding New Professional Award.

Getting Started

You are among an active group of ACFP members, and building the personal connections with your peers early in your career will help you feel grounded and encouraged. Your First Five Years in Family Practice Committee has your back and is committed to helping you make a smooth transition to practice.

As a new family doctor embarking on your career, the ACFP is happy to pool together tools and resources to assist you in your First Five. The information on the following web pages may answer some of the common questions you have on practice management and work/life-balance.

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toolkit transition

Everything you need to know about Mainpro

The Patient’s Medical Home

The Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) is a vision presented by the CFPC for the future of family practice in Canada. The PMH reflects and responds to the changing needs of populations in Canada. It also reinforces the physician–patient relationship and the importance of the Four Principles of Family Medicine. Check out the PMH Best Advice Tools and Primary Care Toolkit  for Family Physicians or PMH webpage for more details.

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Follow us on Twitter @ABFirst5