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Transition to Practice

Ease into Practice Stress- and Hassle-free

Below is all you need to know to set you on your path to family practice.

CFPC Exam Registration:

  • Can sit the exam in the final six months prior to completing residency training
  • Must be a CFPC resident member to apply for the CFPC exam: http://www.cfpc.ca/FMExam/


LMCC Exam Registration (MCCQE Part II)

  • Can write after completion of 12 months of postgraduate training
  • Register for the LMCC exam through physiciansapply.ca


AHS Medical Staff Appointments and Clinical Privileges:


Alberta Medical License and Physician Registration:

  • ALLOW 90 DAYS, longer if you are a graduate of an international training program
  • Through the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA)
  • Can start the paperwork 6 months in advance
  • Need to apply for an Eligibility Review. This may take 6 weeks before approval is granted for On-Line Application.
  • For the On-Line Application, you will need 3 references, and notarized copy of medical degree
  • In June: after confirmation of successful completion of CFPC & LMCC exams (sent directly to CPSA from CFPC), you must complete “Registration Electronic Appointment (eAppointment)”. This is where payment happens.
  • CPSA will contact you through email. Please make sure you give them an email address that is regularly checked.
  • If you have PO box or a regular clinic, consider putting this down as your public address: this is the address anyone can find you through Doctor Search. Pay attention that you don’t put your personal address or phone number on the public information section.
  • Can also contact CPSA registration assistants for help


Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA):


Alberta Health – PracID and BA #:

  • You will need a Practitioner Identification Number (PracID#) in order to claim payment or make referrals – this is done through Alberta health:
  • https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/medstaff/page7089.aspx
  • This will require CPSA licence number, so this will be one of the last things you do.
  • You also need to apply for a Business Arrangement (BA) Number
    • This is an agreement with Alberta Health to establish the arrangement for payment
    • You will often need a BA number for each practice site. This can get confusing. The easiest way to figure this out is to contact whoever hired you and they can guide you through what needs to be filled out.
  • If you end up incorporating, you will need a new BA number and will need to fill out this “Organization Information” form:


Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) Billing Number:


Triplicate Prescription Program (TPP):

  • http://www.cpsa.ca/triplicate-prescription-program-tpp/
  • Established through the CPSA to monitor the use of certain drugs (ie. narcotics, stimulants, etc).
    This includes a special prescribing pad for controlled substances that you have to order through this program.
  • You will need a CPSA licence number to apply.
  • To contact the TPP:


Practice Management considerations:

PO box:

  • do this before CPSA registration, especially if you do not have a practice address yet
  • this can be your public address where anyone can find on you on the CPSA Doctor Search

Professional Incorporation:

  • Start with finding an accountant – they can recommended a lawyer.
  • The lawyer will help you with completing the application for a Professional Corporation (PC).
  • When all that is completed, you will need to apply for a corporate bank account and credit card.
  • You can charge application fees (eg CPSA registration fees, CMPA fees, AMA fees) to your PC account.
  • HOWEVER, it may take a few weeks/months before you are paid, depending on how prompt the billing gets done at your sites, so have a backup plan of how to pay off that first credit card bill
  • MD Financial can be a good resource for some direction. Alternatively, ask your preceptors or mentors who they work with.

Disability Insurance:

  • consider upgrade or buy-into disability insurance

Student Line of Credit (LOC):

  • if not incorporated, extend your student LOC if you can, in anticipation of the delay in your first paycheck

Alberta Medical Association (AMA):

  • https://www.albertadoctors.org/services/membership
  • Membership is optional
  • Can take advantage of the First Year in Practice special membership rate
  • Benefits include:
    • Medical liability reimbursement – reimburses a portion of your CMPA fees
    • CME reimbursement
    • Retention benefits in some cases

Physician Recruiters:


Helpful Alberta Health Services Contact List:

Central Zone:
Kerri Demchuk
Appointment and Privileging Specialist-Locum Support
Central Zone Medical Affairs
Phone: (403) 314-6086

Sabrina Rivera
Appointment and Privileging Specialist-Locum Support
Central Zone Medical Affairs
Phone: (403)357-5187
Fax: (403) 309-2809

South Zone:
Deb Morgan
Administrative Assistant/ South Zone-Medical Affairs
Medicine Hat Regional Hospital
Ph# 403.502.8648 Ext. 2426

Peggy Fletcher
Executive Assistant/ South Zone-Medical Affairs
Chinook Regional Hospital – Lethbridge
Ph # 403.388.6709

Edmonton Zone:
Kellie Machell
Privileging Assistant for the Departments of
Family Medicine / Medicine / Oncology
Phone: 780-735-0758

Debbie Velsink
Privileging Assistant For the Departments of:
Addiction & Mental Health/ Emergency Medicine/Diagnostic Imaging/Corrections Health(Physicians)/ Lab Medicine & Pathology
Medical Affairs, Edmonton Zone
Phone: 780-735-0759

Calgary Zone:
Lorie A. MacDonald
Medical Staff Program Assistant
Medical Affairs, Calgary Zone
Phone: (403) 943-0315

Bonnie Joseph, Analyst
Appointments & Credentials
Medical Affairs, Calgary Zone
(P) 403-910-2985

North Zone
There are three Privileging Assistants who process Medical Staff Applications and Change Requests for Appointments and Privileging. They are divided amongst Area’s within the North Zone. To eliminate missed emails, documentation and notification, we use one central email address and from there the request will get dispersed accordingly.

Privileging Assistants:

Sabrina Crowe
Fort McMurray
Ph # (780)788.1721
Fax # (780)788-1744

Darlene Little
Grande Prairie
Ph# (780)357-2564
Fax# (780)538-7277

Kylie Pilfold
Grande Prairie
Ph# (780)357-2564
Fax# (780)538-7277

Privileging Manager is Deborah Whetstone.
Ph# (780)830-2825