New rules for MAID reporting now in effect

AHS Care Coordination Service will receive all reports

On Nov. 1, 2018, the Government of Canada’s new Monitoring of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) Regulations came into effect. The regulations apply only to MAID requests received on or after this date. Requests in progress before Nov. 1, 2018 are not subject to the new rules.

Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are now required to file reports at each step in the MAID process, including when they receive a request for MAID. Pharmacists who dispense any substance for MAID will also be required to report basic information.

To streamline reporting:

  • all practitioners will report through the AHS Care Coordination Service
  • forms already in use are being updated to incorporate the federal requirements

The AHS Care Coordination Service will manage data collection on behalf of the MAID Regulatory Review Committee, for reporting to the Minister of Alberta Health and Health Canada as applicable. As well as making it easier for practitioners, this process will provide a safeguard against non-compliance with the regulations, enacted under the Criminal Code.

Practitioners who provide MAID are also required to submit specific information to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner within 24 hours of the patient’s death.

To access the forms, go to the AHS website and click on the Forms tab. Links to a MAID Reporting summary and required forms are posted there. A secure RightFax has been set up to submit completed forms to the AHS Care Coordination Service.

More information and resources are available in the CPSA Physician Portal under Additional Resources.

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