The CFPC Releases a Family Medicine Professional Profile

Family Medicine Professional Profile

The Family Medicine Professional Profile is a position statement that defines the discipline of family medicine, describes the scope of practice and training for family physicians, and highlights our philosophy of care.


  • Standard setting: To guide the development of educational standards with a clear description of the work of family physicians in keeping with a competency-based medical education (CBME) paradigm
  • Social accountability: To describe the collective commitment of family physicians to the people of Canada. To articulate the contribution of generalists and generalism in family medicine, introducing the concept of community-adaptiveness
  • Communication: To better inform others (partner organizations, policy-makers) about the role and scope of family physicians and to guide our messages to medical students about family medicine as a career


An initial prototype was drafted based on consultations and definitions occurring as part of the development of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) Triple C Competency-based Curriculum. The prototype statement was further refined and revised using a deliberative and iterative process of consensus building with CFPC committees, broad consultation with the membership via survey, and targeted consultation with key internal and external stakeholders.

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