Enhancing Your Learning Experience

The ACFP prides itself at sourcing strong learning content for its continuing professional development events and will continue to bring rich learning opportunities to our members. We have partnered with many providers—private providers, universities, and provincial chapters— and have brought a variety of titles including but not limited to: Infant and Toddler Nutrition, ECG: Basics and Advanced and PACCT Men’s Health.

Make sure you bookmark this page and revisit often as we are always adding program opportunities. If there is a course or subject matter you would like to see in our offerings please send an email to cpd@old.acfp.ca.

3 Credits/Hour Group Learning (formerly Mainpro®–C) Workshop


The Alberta College of Family Physicians and Choosing Wisely Alberta are proud to sponsor Practising Wisely: Reducing Unnecessary Testing and Treatment, an active learning workshop developed by the Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP) that focuses on “too much medicine.” It builds on the OCFP’s popular program Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There! and the Choosing Wisely Canada campaign.

Learn more about Practising Wisely

Participants will identify opportunities on how to “practise wisely”, with a focus on reducing over-prescribing, over-imaging, over-screening and over-monitoring using the latest evidence and tools from diverse sources. This workshop aligns closely with the Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) campaign to implement good healthcare stewardship and avoid over-medicalization.


Practising Wisely more than a CPD course. It is a framework that will help you implement good health care stewardship and avoid over-medicalization for your patients. You can’t do it alone-your whole clinic needs to be behind you.

If you are interested in bringing an interdisciplinary Practising Wisely program to your clinic staff contact cpd@old.acfp.ca or call 780-488-2395.

2 Credits/Hour Group Learning Events

CPD Roadshows

Sponsored by the ACFP, these popular evidence-based, multi-disciplinary mini-conferences led by the PEER team provide up to nine (9) hours of certified education tailored to specific community needs. Newly certified as a 2-credit per hour program, these are full-service events—all you have to do is contact us, choose your topics, and make a suggestion for venue and catering. The College takes care of the rest.

The CPD Roadshows are responsive to the requests of the community and are planned accordingly. As the program is tailored to the community, no two events are identical in content or length. We have a variety of topics that are presentable in three formats:

  1. Keynote-style presentations: Keynote presentations are 40-45 minutes in length and have question time at the end of the session.
  2. Panel-style presentations: Panel-style sessions are able to be presented in a brief (30 minute) or extended (50 minute) format. The What’s New session has a question time at the end of the session; Jeopardy is 100% interactive and relies on audience participation for the session to run.
  3. Standard presentations: Standard sessions are able to be presented in a brief (20 minute) or extended (50 minute) format, based on the number of presenters at the event and the overall time available for presentations. If sessions are presented in brief format, there will be a Q&A session following every 2-3 presentations; if sessions are presented in extended format, presenters deliver the content with time built in for questions and clarification and will walk through the content with audience members, providing additional audience-presenter interaction.

This Group Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 18 Mainpro+ credits.