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Working Together for Healthy Aging in Alberta: Seniors Forum Recommendations

It is with great pleasure that we share the ACFP’s Healthy Aging Policy Paper – Working Together for Healthy Aging in Alberta: Seniors Forum Recommendations.

The work is the thoughtful collation of recommendations identified by key stakeholders interested in building partnerships focused on providing and improving seniors care.

The ACFP is an active member of the Alberta Seniors Care Coalition and continues to meet regularly to network and work together to advance healthy aging in Alberta.

The ACFP played an instrumental role in guiding ASCC work, taking on the role of Secretariat for two years and delivering a CPD conference—Seniors Care Conference in 2015.

The ACFP is very proud of this Policy Paper and would like to personally thank Sharon Nickel for taking this task on and delivering such a strong publication.

We would also like to thank the Seniors Forum participants, Alberta Seniors Care Coalition members, and past-Chair, Dr. Marjan Abassi for their leadership and commitment.

Primary Health Care Opioid Response Initiative: Work in Progress

The opioid crisis in Alberta continues to affect communities across the province, and all health system partners have been actively working to address this crisis.

Since receiving the grant, the Primary Health Care Opioid Response Initiative (PHC ORI) partnership (ACFP, AMA, AHS aligned with AH) has been leading the primary care response. We have been working with Zone PCN committees and zone opioid working groups to design and implement activities that serve each community while meeting the 4 over arching goals:

  1. Access and Continuity: Improve access, continuity and care delivery within primary care settings for individuals using opioids.
  2. Decision Support, Knowledge Translation and Education: Implement relevant and practical evidence informed decision supports and knowledge translation tools, including mentorship, to better equip and educate primary care providers and teams, including clinics and PCNs, to support patients with addition, mental health and/or pain issues resulting in use of or risk of use of opioids and/or with Opioid Use Disorder.
  3. Enhanced Coordination of Care and System Integration: Enhance system integration and coordination of care between primary care practices and other service delivery partners for patients using opioids including those with Opioid Use Disorder.
  4. Population Health Planning: Using a population health based approach, develop and implement a service plan for the integrated delivery of opioid related care.

Message from the Executive Director—What’s Happening at ACFP?

Read the full summer eNews.

The staff at the ACFP are working hard to prepare programs and services for you, our members. As always, we strive to ensure that the family physician voice is part of ongoing system improvements.

I am most excited about three things currently on our minds and desks:

PEIP—Get Together and Learn
The upcoming Practical Evidence for Informed Practice Conference has launched early bird registration. Our ACFP staff and the PEER team have been working closely with the scientific planning committee to put together an amazing conference that you can join in person or by live webcast. I would especially like to thank Sharon Nickel for her coordination of a crazy bunch of docs who love to teach and challenge conventional thinking.

Our New Website is Under Reconstruction
We are redesigning our ACFP website to be better than ever! Several of our committee members have agreed to work with us to make sure that it meets member needs, is easy to navigate, and points to internal and external resources that you need in your practice and profession everyday. We are excited about using new technology and a creating a best practice resource page.

Leading the Crisis Response
The Primary Health Care Opioid Response Initiative is being lead by a secretariat housed within the ACFP office. Our small-but-mighty office is managing the coordinated response between the Alberta Medical Association, Alberta Health Services (Addiction and Mental Health; Primary Health Care), Alberta Health, the PEER Team, and the ACFP. This is a challenging and inspiring area of work for us and we are very pleased with the collaboration and collective work that we have done and that lies ahead.

I am honoured to serve as your Executive Director and, with the support of an amazing staff team and Board of Directors, we have been able to accomplish so much and will continue to do so into the future. I will strive to provide a regular update on activities at the ACFP office and invite you to connect and provide feedback or ideas on how we can serve you better.

Call me anytime at 780-488-2395 or email me at

CPSA Council Update: Standards Clarify Boundaries and Practice Responsibilities

Doctors across Alberta should familiarize themselves with these two recently amended standards of practice, approved by the CPSA Council after an extensive consultation process:

  • Boundary Violations (formerly Sexual Boundary Violations) adds new expectations around non-clinical relationships with patients and learners (e.g., personal, social, business, financial), as well as prohibiting the sexualization of physician-patient relationships.
  • Responsibility for a Medical Practice defines what the College holds physicians accountable for in various practice arrangements and should be priority reading for every Alberta physician.

The standards took effect on July 1, 2018.

The Council has also adopted a Statement of Principles on sexual misconduct by physicians. This statement calls for stricter sanctions when physicians are found to have engaged in sexual misconduct and increased transparency around discipline decisions.

“The public’s expectations are changing and we’re changing with them,” said Council President Kate Wood. “The Minister of Health supports both these directions. We share the same goal: to make sure every patient feels safe seeing a doctor, and to maintain the confidence of all Albertans in the medical profession.”

Questions? Email Chantelle Dick, CPSA Standards of Practice Coordinator.